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Why our small office network running very slow?

Question written by Sean M: Why is our small office network running extremely slow?

We have 7 computers all hooked up to our network. 4 of those computers are using wireless and are the only computers that are usually used, and the other three are hooked up to a cable. 1 of the computers hardwired into the network is sort of a mock server. It contains files that all the computers access through an accounting program called DACEasy. Recently though its running extremely slow. What could the problem be? I know the wireless isn’t great to use but recently it’s just getting worse and worse. Could it be the “server” machine? Any ideas are appreciated.

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Answer by Adam H

Depending on weather you have DSL or Cable Internet DSL services provide different speeds. You may have a slow connection speed from your provider.

Answer by PC-&-GuY

Remember that the more user using the conenction, the slower the connection is. You may need to upgrade your connetion FOR BUSINESS. Not for home use. So the ISP will give you the right plan for your small office. Too much computers will need a large bandwidth to access internet.

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Answer by spurs34m

I am listing the 3 areas that I will troubleshoot.

1. Network problem.

- There are usually LEDs on the hub and wireless router. If the LEDs indicate heavy traffic, or high error rates, it could indicate network problems. Sometimes, when there are faulty cables, or the wireless router is experiencing interference, the network maybe flooded by computers resending messages on the network. This will result in slowness. When such a situation occurs, you can troubleshoot by identying which computer/cable is causing the problem. You can do so by taking turns to disconnect one PC from the network at a time.

2. Application

Is the slowness happening only when you are using the DACEasy application? How about Internet browsing or other file sharing. If all PCs experience slowness in general, it could be related to network. If it is just the DACEasy application, then you need to examine if there are any application issues that is affecting the performance. Was there any recent changed in configuration? Is the hardisk space on the serve running out? Most apps should provide some form of error logs. You can try troubleshooting the application through examining the log.

3. Others

Have you added or changed anything on your network recently, if yes, perhaps you can remove the change and see if it helps.

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This video looks at how to configure a file server. This includes the new features included in windows server 2008 R2 and older features like DFS and offline…

server farm

Photo by simply server farm

For all of those who thought I’d fallen off the planet, I’m sorry…Still here, hanging in… Even if I don’t comment, I still look, and you know what? You guys take AWESOME pictures…:))

Work has been a little crazy the last week or so, …had a key developer resign, financial year end for large portion of our customers, and just HAD to get the server farm up and sorted.

Meet Vader and Enterprise. Vader runs a 2003 terminal server for secure remote access to the accounting system, and a SQL 2000 development server, both virtualised in VMWare Server on SuSe 10.1. Enterprise runs SQL 2005 for the accounting system, the public FTP site, Fax and Print server and BACKUP(!) services very small slow running office network Why our small office network running very slow? techkowns blogspot com ) on a stripped version of XP Pro (what I call XP Server …lol!)

Some guys could have knocked this lot together in a few hours. Took me a while longer…:(

Why our small office network running very slow?

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