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Did you or do not, someone else"s or Denny today Complimentary breakfast and tips?

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Query caused by Lance: Did anyone besides me leave a tip after getting the free breakfast at Denny’s today?

I saw a lot of unappreciative “me first” people who did not seem grateful or thankful. I made sure to thank everyone at the restaurant, because I know they are stressed. I did not see people leaving tips unless they ordered something extra. At least the guy next to me in line said that he felt guilty for not bringing tip money with him. I don’t know if it was just the one I visited or if people generally view this as acceptable.

After watching the news last night, I saw that people at another Denny’s in the area tipped well. It, along with your comments, reassured me in people. I learned back in college to tip on the full price when getting a special deal. We would frequently get free nachos or desserts but would not forget about the tips for those items.

I guess it was just something about the people at the Denny’s I visited.

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Most practical answer:

Answer by Thifty Little Lady
I had no idea Denny’s was doing this.

I certainly would have left a tip for my server!!

Answer by Sha Nay Nay
there is a special place in hell for non tippers.

Answer by ♥Pixie♥
didn’t have the chance to go to dennys =( found about it a bit too late.

my overall opinion I guess, is that a lot of people are experiencing rought times right now, and wherever you can save money (that includes skipping a tip), people are just not being as generous as b4.

I know it was a free meal, but if they tipped it wouldn’t really have been free. I am not saying by any means that is acceptable to not tip, it think if you can you should tip fairly, but i also think that a bunch of the people that went to dennys probably haven’t gone in a while…….cuz when you’re broke (like me) even dennys is out of your budget…lol

Answer by olivia!
pff. the people that you were talking about are ungrateful and greedy snobs, from the sound of it. food doesnt come from trees! these people work hard to get you food AND give you a great deal on it. you definitely did the right thing by tipping.

Answer by Gothic Orange
Maybe a few, but we all know people today can’t be more rude. I’m very glad to know that you care about everyone working there and yourself, have a great day! :]

Answer by Barry M
As a former “table server”, I hope most people understand that restaurant servers depend on tips for most of their income. And they should be tipped based on the normal cost of the meal.

In this case the meal was free, but it probably cost about $ 5+, so each patron should have tipped AT LEAST 50 cents and more likely a dollar or more.

The same goes for people who use coupons or take advantage of special “two-for-one” specials (which I do a lot). You still should tip based on the normal price of the meal, not on the reduced price. After all, the waiter didn’t do less work for the cheaper meal. And you saved so much on the meal, why not share with your server.

All this assumes the server did a good job. Tips are optional but very expected.

Answer by stoneygator61
Why would someone NOT leave a tip unless they are a complete cheapskate? One should always leave a tip based on the regular VALUE of the meal…….not on a promotion price or after using a 2 for 1 coupon.

….I just realized Barry said the same thing I was thinking. So on that note: Please, remember your servers.

Answer by mikal_crystal
I used to be a server and hated it when people didn’t leave tips. I understand that it’s a recession going on, but if you can afford to go out and eat than your ass can afford to tip simple as that.

Answer by *Jasons Girl*
Ugh I can’t believe people didn’t tip. How cheap can people be? People don’t realize that most servers only make $ 4.65 per hour, which also gets taxed. And we don’t even get to keep all of our tips! Seriously, if u can’t tip then don’t come out to eat! I’m glad that u understand that servers still deserve money for the work they’re doing!!

Answer by truth
They showed the lines on the news here and I felt so sorry for those people. The people I saw in line probably couldn’t afford to leave a tip. They probably wouldn’t have had a decent meal without it. It looked more like the homeless shelter than a Denny’s today. I own restaurants and I know how important the tips are to those waitresses and their families. But my best waitresses don’t worry so much about the tips, they treat everyone like they were a good tipper and at the end of the day they make really good tips. Yeah in this economy some people have not left a tip, but they usually get a bigger tip somewhere else. All of my customers look like they can’t afford a tip but you never know. And being a gracious person is important.

Answer by Critical Acclaim
i leave tips. they deserve it and it is respectful. but i understand that not everyone CAN leave tips. and that’s ok. but those who CAN should. it is a social tradition in our society.

Answer by Ed F
A tip of 20% (about $ 1 per Slam) should have been left for the server in addition to the same percentage for any added items.

People are plain stupid to think that the staff is working for free.

The tip amount should always be for the regular amount of the items, before discounts are deducted.

Answer by *{A}*
I went with my mom and sister, and we left a $ 2 tip. We felt really grateful for an entire free meal, so of course we left a tip. My mom even thanked the man at the cashier too since she had to pay for her coffee. If we could leave a tip, most others should have done it too. We hardly ever even eat out, partly because it’s not really in our budget. Still, I would’ve felt guilty not leaving at least $ 1 since they were so efficient and quickly seating and serving everyone.

Answer by Inundated in SF
had heard during the Super Bowl that Denny’s was giving away Grand Slams today to help those who were caught in this economic fiasco. But I didn’t go because I still have a job and can afford $ 6 for breakfast still.

But just because you (well. not you but all the rest) get a free meal doesn’t mean you don’t leave a tip. You got served by someone depending on tips to get by so you tip them for their service. It’s lack of manners to not tip just because a business gives you free food. Those people at Denny’s worked very very very hard today and everyone who got a free meal, and everyone who bought a meal, should have left a tip. If you couldn’t cough up something for a tip, you should have gone to one of the charity kitchens serving free breakfasts to the homeless.

Figure out much better?

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Did you or do not, someone else"s or Denny today Complimentary breakfast and tips?

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