Saturday, April 13, 2013

Battleground Europe server down? ® Battleground Europe server down?

Consider created by piratesfan2917: Are the Battleground Europe servers down?

I tried to start the game and it says “Can’t connect to authentication server” and when I try to check the site it says “Server not available.”

Anyone else who plays it experiencing this problem?

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Answer by omar
Thought it was just me. No idea what’s going on with them.

Answer by nervana
The BE website, playnet website and BE game itself AND the TS3 is not working. I had just installed a new anti virus and thought maybe it had put up a wierd firewall but this forum lets me know its not just me. Hs this ever happened before??

Answer by francis
This is redleg6 (AXIS PLAYER), I am in upstate new york and its down for me too the website and the actual game. 8:03 eastern standard time  I will try later, !S

Answer by starpirate
yes. It appears to be a firewall server problem again. And yes, this has happened several times of late.

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Battleground Europe server down?

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