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What do you think about the people who work on your server / bartender and tips? How well you tip?

Predicament from Jess: WHat do you think of people who work for tips as a Server/Bartender? How well do you tip?

I have worked at a restaurant for 8 years. I started off as a server and now I am a Bartender. I have some college completed but I make about 600.00 a week in tips. Average work week is 45 hours. Alot of people dont realize this, but we work extremely hard to make our tips. And contrary to popular belief most people can not handle the enviroment. Sometimes I think people think “shes just a server” “a nobody”. What do you think of servers/bartenders and how do you feel about tipping?

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Answer by alhetzel

I think that tipping should never be mandatory. That said, I also believe that servers & bartenders should be paid at least minimum wage. Forcing you to rely on the “kindness” of patrons is not a good thing to do.

As to tipping, I tip 15-20% based on service. I should say that I tip 0-20% because if the service is lousy, I won’t leave a tip. In general though, it is the former.

Answer by Paul

I always tip regardless of service. Excellent service 20-25%, good service 15%, bad service 10%. And no servers are not nobody’s. Everyone has feelings, it is hard to come to a job and put on a smile when your depressed, and that is probably the hardest thing about being in the service industry, you always have to pretend your happy.

Answer by Yamahar1ftp

Im a server and when i go out to eat i always tip very well because i know how it is to be stiffed. if im by my self and i spend like 15 bucks ill tip like 7 thats almost 50%

Answer by Susy

I consider myself a good tipper because I was a waitress about 6 years ago and I know that the server’s salary is not good at all.

Some people don’t realize that and some people think that they are not obligated to leave a tip because the server will get “rich” with all that “free money” he/she gets from “just doing his/her job”.

My salary at that time was $ 2 and hour, and it was so frustrating when I did my best and I gave a really good service and I received a $ 2 tip on a table that spent over $ 50. That was not fair!!!!

I always tip 20% of the total bill if I get a great service, 15% if the service is just ok. But if my server is rude to me or he/she gives me a poor service I usually talk to the manager and I let them know why I am not satisfied and why I’m not leaving a tip. However, if the restaurant if very crowded and the waitress is really busy but still doing her best or if the problems is in the kitchen, I’ll leave a good tip anyway because it’s not the server’s fault.

Answer by Matty_78212

Tipping has been going on for a long time and when you work in that environment it is part of what you earn. it does not matter what your job is if you do it well and expect to be respected for doing it.

I try to tip but if I have to tell a server to do the job they are expected to do I dont tip them. I am very picky about how anyone does there job and yes serving is a tough job and many who do it may not be good at it. Sometimes my tip to them would be to find something else to do. I also think the wage they are paid is nuts, it shold be more.

Answer by kamikaze63_99

I always tip, no matter what – I used to be a Bartender…

That being said, if a server/bartender is VERY bad/rude, I will tip them 10%. I normally tip about 25%-30% for really good service.

Answer by topcat3017

I generally tip 10-15%, but, if the service was very good, I tip up to 25% . Attitude determines altitude. I once saw a sign on a Dive boat while on a Scuba diving trip to Grand Cayman Island…”A TIP IS A REWARD FOR GOOD SERVICE” Says it all, doesn’t it?

Answer by Radcliffer

I think everyone should wait tables at least once in their life. It’s not an easy job. You have to be able to read people without even knowing them the moment that sit in that chair or bar stool.Are they having a good day or a bad day, did they just get in a fight with their spouse before sitting down. You smile while they abuse you and put up with their condescending ways. On the up side, my husband and I have made a very lucrative living from the business. You meet more nice people than a**holes, but it’s not for everyone. We are both professinal waiters, and tip anywhere from 25% to 50%.

Answer by adi1893

i would tip the waiter about 5 bucks because the poor ladd/laddy is working hard and is probably not getting paid enough. But i feel sry if someone says no tip and tells them to buzz off. Thats mean!

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What do you think about the people who work on your server / bartender and tips? How well you tip?

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