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To the Internet by using a router to connect my Xbox360?

Real question from Pritch!: How can I connect my Xbox360 to the internet using a router?

I have a ethernet cable connected to my xbox and the computer and the computer has a wireless flashdrive connected to it, but when i try to set it up, it says “You console was unable to negotiate a lease with you DHCP server. Make sure that addresses are availble on your server.”

what do i do?

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Answer by jeffl_work

So you want to connect your Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system to your high-speed Internet service. Choosing the best connection type isn’t as hard as it might seem—there are only four main connection methods, and we’ll give you the skinny on each. There are detailed instructions on the pages listed below plus you can use the Xbox 360 Connectivity Wizard for simple step-by-step instructions to get everything up and running.

Connection Methods

Direct Modem Connection

To get your system up and running as quickly as possible, a Direct Modem Connection to Xbox Live is your best bet. It’s perfect if all you want to do online is play games.


If you wish to share your Internet connection with your PC while playing on Xbox Live, you’ll need to use one of the three connection types below.

Router Connection

If your ISP (Internet service provider) provided you with a stand-alone modem (rather than a USB or internal PCI modem), you can purchase a router and use a Router Connection to share Internet service between your Xbox 360 system, your PC, and other devices in your home.

Gateway Connection

If your ISP provided you with a gateway (which combines a modem and a wireless router), you can share your Internet connection using a Gateway Connection.

Windows ICS Connection

If you have a USB or internal PCI modem, choose a Windows ICS Connection.


Any of these connections (with the exception of gateway) can be either wired or wireless.

A wired connection may be easier and more reliable if your Xbox 360 console is close to your PC and/or your Internet connection; wireless may be more convenient if your console is not positioned near your computer and/or router, modem, or other networking equipment.

Wireless Connection

The Xbox 360 system was explicitly designed for easy integration with a wireless network. Wireless networking is perfect when you want to connect devices in locations where it would be difficult or expensive to run Ethernet cables.

Compatibility with Xbox Live

When you use a router or gateway (an integrated router/modem) with the Xbox Live Compatible logo, you can be sure it has been tested extensively on Xbox Live.

Troubleshoot Your Xbox Live Connection

If you do experience difficulties—with or without Xbox Live Compatible equipment—try our connection troubleshooting tips section or check out the list below to find out how to try and resolve the problem.

Xbox 360 Connection Tests: Wireless Network

Xbox 360 Connection Tests: DNS

Xbox 360 Connection Tests: IP Address

Xbox 360 Connection Tests: Network Address Translation (NAT)

Xbox 360 Connection Tests: Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

Xbox 360 Connection Tests: Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

Xbox 360 Connection Tests: Network Adapter

Router Connection


Connectivity Video

Direct Modem Connection

Router Connection

Gateway Connection

Windows ICS Connection

Wireless Connection

A router connection, like a gateway connection, is great for Xbox Live access because it allows both your PC and your Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system to access the Internet at the same time.

For a list of Xbox Live Compatible routers, see Compatible Home Networking Equipment.

Required Hardware for a Router Connection

Three Ethernet cables (one is supplied with the Xbox 360 system; not included with the Xbox 360 Core system).

An Xbox Live Compatible router.

A PC with an NIC (network interface card). If your PC has an Ethernet port (also referred to as Cat5 or RJ-45), it has an NIC. An Ethernet port looks like a standard telephone jack, only bigger.


Before you connect any cables, turn off your router, modem, PC, and Xbox 360 console. (Unplug your modem from its power source to turn it off.)

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your modem and the other end to the Ethernet input port on the back of your router.

With another Ethernet cable, connect one end to one of the router’s Ethernet output ports. Connect the other end to your PC’s Ethernet port.

With the third Ethernet cable, connect one end to another of the router’s Ethernet output ports. Connect the other end to the Ethernet port on the back of the Xbox 360 console.

Turn on your modem, then your router, then your PC.

Make sure your PC can access the Internet. If not, you may need to configure the router for Internet access. For help configuring the router using your PC, check the instructions that came with the router.

Turn on your Xbox 360 console with no disc in the disc tray.

If you’ve already used your Xbox 360 system for offline play, the Xbox Dashboard will open to the Xbox Live area. Select the Xbox Live banner. When you see the Xbox Live Marketplace you’ll know you’re connected to Xbox Live.

If this is the first time you’ve turned on your Xbox 360 console, see Create Your Gamer Profile to get started with both the Xbox 360 system and Xbox Live play.

If you’re unable to connect to Xbox Live, the Xbox Dashboard provides an automatic network troubleshooter in the System area (under Network Settings) to help you connect.

For an additional resource to help you get connected, step through our handy Connectivity Wizard.

Join Xbox Live

Not yet a member? For the easiest way to join Xbox Live, go to

To create an Xbox Live membership from the Xbox Dashboard, see Join Xbox Live.

Answer by wisconsindeathtrip03

I had a similar problem, and solved it with a visit to WalMart.

Buy the Xbox 360 WIFI Adapter. The adapter is SO strong, and aggressive looking for a signal, I picked up 4 WiFi signals. It connected to the stongest connection….and POOF…I had free Net access for my Xbox360, and now my Dell XPS Laptop. The adapter cost about $ 99.00 but it is WELL worth it.

I’m playing on Xbox Live now, waiting for a Rainbow 6 Vegas room to get ready, while I’m typing this….Best $ 100 you can spend.

Good luck.

OR the Legal Ass version 2.1

Buy a cheap Linksys router, hook up your pc to it, and your 360 with the wireless adpater. Get this though, buy thr adapter, and if you cant pick up a Wifi signal…..Walmart accepts it back with receipt….and gives you cash back. Worth the try.

Answer by Chevys are Kowl

I think you just get a network cable and plug it into the xbox and the router or you could get and wireless device that you plug in with a network wire into the device and xbox.

Answer by bigringtravis

You need a Gaming router or a router that supports DMZ for all gaming consoles.

DMZ is a CAT5 port on the back that has no FIREWALL features on it… So you computer’s stay safe and protected – but your gaming console can talk about on the net with ease… this goes for wired and wireless…

Look at the DLink gaming router – it’s said to be the easiest and it’s one of the top brands!

Answer by buggeredmom

My son kept running into the same message while trying to go online with his console on Christmas.

Finally, at 11:00pm, I called the 1800 number in the book for help.

A nice lady had my son up and running in less than 30 minutes. There was a glitch in the total set-up. Everything needed to be disconnected and reconnected in a certain order. He even had to remove the hard drive from the console. She stayed on the line to help him set up an account and offered to help him transfer his old account to the new console.

Call the 1800 number in the back of the instruction booklet!

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To the Internet by using a router to connect my Xbox360?

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