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What is HTML and CSS PHP?

Dilemma from Prokofiev: What is PHP in relation to HTML and CSS?

I would like to know what php is, and what a “php server” is. Can you do php in a program like HTML-kit? Thanks for the help.

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Answer by Firecube ♥ MJ

PHP can generate HTML content into the page from the PHP server before it even reaches the client (which is why it is called hypertext preprocessor). The PHP server is the computer/application that performs the PHP operations on the page. CSS can also be used for your style settings, but that’s completely separate from PHP.

Answer by h4cked!1

.php is viewed the same way as .html, but if all your pages are .php you can add php code into it later, like redirects or something that requires a web application

php is meant for dynamic pages that take information from somewhere and process it and use it on a page in a certain way

for example a forum, php takes info from a database and shows you the active topics, bla bla bla, with only one .php file instead of hundreds of .html files

Answer by Nafee

You have to go through the very basics. Go to: You can learn a lot of things from there.

Answer by J C

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It’s a preprocessing spript language, which means that unlike JavaScript or something, it runs the code on the server side of the web, not the users. When using PHP the user cannot see the code written in the Source of the web page.

A PHP server is a server or basically a web hosting service that supports the use of PHP. If they do not support it, it will not read the PHP.

I am not sure about whether or not you can do PHP in something like HTML Kit, but I highly doubt it; I know the high end web editors like DreamWeaver can, though.

Check this site out, it has a lot of turtorials on web design:

Answer by Marshton

HTML and CSS are ways of designing a website. Thats how you build a website.

PHP has the ability to build, add, edit and display HTML pages in a way that a user can Login to a site, post things to a wall and do things like that.

That is a very simplified version of what PHP is, and it can do a lot more, and a lot less, depending on how you use it.

To view examples/ to get started, visit: or

Best of luck!

Answer by texxsmith

PHP = Pre HyperText Processing

This means :

a request for a web page hits a server, the server runs the code you tell it to then returns an html page (except it’s named with the .php extension).

This code could massive or none.

The hook is that you write a php page, and it’s not what the end user sees. what the end user sees is what the php page that you write tells the server to generate.

you don’t need any special software on the develpers machine to write php, but you do need a server that has php installed on it. don’t try this on a MS server. Yes, you can install php on a MS server but Microsoft hates all technologies besides there own so it’s problematic. Besides MS servers cost a fortune and have lots of problems…

Make sense?

Answer by DeepU

without html and css you cant know what is PHP

Answer by arbpen

HTML-Kit is fine for doing PHP. After all, all you are doing is writing the PHP code. The HTML is generated on the server before it gets to the client.

It is very easy to escape out of PHP into HTML. For example:


You can also use PHP to write CSS, for example:

<?php header("Content-type: text/css");

$ about = "#336699"; //bluish

$ news = "#669999"; //greenish

$ places = array("about","news");

$ color = array("#336699","#669999");

for($ c=0;$ c

h2. {

border-bottom:3px solid ;

background-image: url(.gif);


Since you are using HTML-Kit, I can tell that you are using a Windows box. It would be very simple for you to set up a test server using your computer. This is what I did, and it’s great for testing things before I FTP them up to the production server.

You have a few choices. If you do not already have IIS running, then you could install WAMP (Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP) [], which includes all at one go. Or, if you are using IIS (I am), you can download the PHP installer for Windows IIS [] that will configure it for you.

While you’re at it, I would highly suggest getting yourself MySQL [] and installing that as well (it comes in WAMP). HeidiSQL [] is a good MySQL client so you can test queries, build tables, etc., before putting it into code.

By the way, if you haven’t do so, get HTML-Kit Tools], the next generation of HTML-Kit. I love it – if you’re going to program in a scripting language you will like it simply because it highlights opening the closing brackets, parentheses, etc. Great when you are trying to debug something.

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What is HTML and CSS PHP?

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