Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Program these types of what?

Problem merely by jamiegraystone: What are these types of programs called?

I remember using a program a while back that let me connect to a “server” and get a list of files from individual users, and download said files directly from them. I’m not talking about torrents or programs like Frostwire or Ares. What are these types of programs called? Searching Google for “p2p programs” only yields a lot of results about torrent programs.

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Answer by 囧

I’m not exactly sure, it sounds like a “Hub” maybe.

LogMeIn – Hamachi is a program like what you described

Answer by Gman

Hamachi is a private network that you setup with a friend to share files…

If you are talking about just randomly browsing online servers/computers with files then you are definitely looking for Peer to Peer (p2p) sharing.

Most apps that do that are torrent applications, so your search results are correct. I used to use LimeWire

Here is a list of some of them.. not sure how many, if any, still work…

Answer by Jon

Napster is the only one I can think of that used a server for the search and one on one P2P for transfer.

It is called a P2P application. I do not think it even exists anymore.

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Program these types of what?

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