Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Terraria server can not resolve?

Idea merely by Junior: How can I fix my Terraria server?

When I put start server it just gets stuck st “Starting Server…”

I know my IPv4 address is correct and my firewall isn’t stopping it.

My server worked before the new Terraria update.

And yes I port forwarded correctly.

That is certainly relating to How can I fix my Terraria server? that you might really need to solve issues for themselves. Subsequently this will help to in many ways: and to make your own life much better. Wishing relating to How can I fix my Terraria server? may very well be a response later on in life.

Best solution:

Answer by ScrubFan

I think that the Terraria forum has a great deal of info about it. Check it out

Know greater?

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WANNA PLAY MY PUBLIC SERVER?!? HERES THE IP!! All the info about the server and how to’s is in this video so …

0474 – new server build

View by means of 0474 – new server build

The hardware for my new server build just waiting to be assembled.

This beast may actually need to drop the Zool name that my previous Linux servers have held.

It’s being designed as a low-power, low-noise media storage system. With a 1.5TB RAID5 array it will easily hold all my current media and allow me a lot of room to expand. Quiet will be nice as the current server is very noisy. View the image for the notes about the various pieces of hardware.

My Terraria server can not resolve?

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