Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to work on Ubuntu Firefox?

Dilemma created by Josh: How do i get Firefox to work in Ubuntu?

I recently installed Ubuntu to run alongside Windows 7 and initially had trouble connecting up the wireless internet. Now the internet seems to be working, although Firefox still says “Cannot find server” to every website I try and access. Of course, the initial “welcome to Firefox” page loads as it is stored on my hardrive, but anything else i try just comes up with “cannt find server”. HELP PLEASE

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Answer by Dan

Open Firefox look on the File drop-down menu and see if Firefox is set to work Offline. If it is, set it to work online.

BTW, welcome to Ubuntu.



Josh said that “the internet seems to be working” and “How do I get Firefox to work …”

I saw this problem several years ago with Firefox when I had a dual-booted system working under Windows XP. I’ll almost bet Firefox is/was working offline.

Answer by Josemon Maliakal

I think you must make sure that your internet connection is active. For that ping any site from command terminal

Just open up the terminal and type ‘ping’ . If pinging is successful then no problem with internet connection.

and make sure that in your Firefox file menu ‘work offline’ is kept unmarked.

Keep updated . To install the latest version of Firefox visit

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How to work on Ubuntu Firefox?

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