Monday, April 8, 2013

How to install Windows 7 using PHP?

Problem basically by Donno33: how to install and use php on windows 7?

i am very confused. i am making websites and going to learn php. everything is saying i need to “install” php and a “web server”…. I am very confused. can some one please please help?

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Answer by Shayne

Install and run XAMPP – you get the whole suite. Just remember to configure it as by default it has no passwords and exposes all the features for online access.

Answer by Jim

be sure when you use xampp that you move the index.php and the root files in xampp to someplace you can move them back if you need them again.

Answer by Sassori San

As alternative you can use WAMP

It contains Apache, mySQL and PHP – just everything you need to start.

However I strongly advise you to learn JavaScript as well, at least jQuery (JavaScript library that simplifies using JavaScript) to get knowledge about adding some interactivity to web pages.

Answer by just “JR”

XAMPP is an excellent option, if you want to learn Php/mysql.

However, I would advice to buy your own domain and rent your server ($ 50/year is no big deal).

You can then create sub-domains on that server for your trials.

Using xampp is fine, but it is NOT as “secure” as using a “real” server!

Answer by abcxyz

You may install WAMP. May find ths useful

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How to install Windows 7 using PHP?

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