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How I can set my printer on the network through a router?

Consult by nicekrngirl: How can I set up my printer on the network VIA router?

Basically, I don’t want to use another PC as a “printer server”. I want to connect the printer to the router directly so that I don’t have to have the main computer on when I’m printing from a secondary PC in the household.

I have a printer already that’s network ready. I just don’t know how to set it up. It’s a NEW 1450N.

I meant it’s a NEC 1450N, not NEW

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Answer by Carleton

Get a netgear wireless print server:

I use it now and it works great. I have 3 computers hooked up wirelessly and I can print from any computer in the house.

However, if you have a parallel or other type of cable, you may need an adapter to convert it to a USB type cable. If your printer uses a USB cable, then you’re good to go.

Other than that, it’s a real easy setup and install. Just follow the directions. However, it’s important to reset your router, once you activate/hook up the wireless print server, in case your computer isn’t detecting the print server, during installation. That was the trouble I ran into.

Answer by Book O

Well if it’s a NEC 1450N then it should I have Ethernet jack, use a network cable and connect it to the router. After than just following the instruction manual from page 12. If it’s new then it should have an instruction manual right? If not, you can find it here:

Answer by bostonianinmo

Don’t waste your money on a wireless print server. That printer has a NIC built in.

Plug it into the router and turn it on. Print out a test page. Make note of the IP address. Point your browser at that IP address. Set that IP address as static on the printer. Run the Add Printer Wizard in Windows. Select a new port, Standard TCP/IP port. Type in the IP address. Select the printer type or click the Have Disk button as appropriate. Click through until done.

Answer by flexybro

Your options really depend on the hardware you currently have and how much money you are willing to spend on a different or better solution.

1) Buy a network card. This is the neatest solution because it uses less desk space and less power consumption, fewer bits of hardware to turn off and on. Maybe available with a wireless option. Can be expensive so check for prices (including 2nd hand on ebay).

2) Buy a print server. May be a bit cheaper and provide more flexibility in future when you change printers (or add more printers). Make sure the print server you buy has the appropriate connector types for your printer and router. Wireless may also be an option.

3) Buy a new router with built-in print server and sell your old router.

4) Buy a new printer with built-in networking and sell your old printer.

All of the above could be viable options depending upon what hardware you currently have and how old it is. Price each of the above options and choose whatever is most cost effective as well as suiting your current and future needs.

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How I can set my printer on the network through a router?

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