Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to download movies?

Consult merely by luvfeet2004: How can i watch downloaded movies ?

Iam downloading some movies from the internet in differrent format (wmv,avi,mpg), i do have some questions plz.

1- How can i have all those movies in one movie i.e. if one movie is 20 minutes and the other is 30 minutes , can i combine them and not watch them seperatly?

2- Some of these movies when i try to play them after i download them, gives me at the bottom of the screen “locating codec server” and it does not play the movie..may i know why?

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Best answer:

Answer by Chris B

you can use nero its a media softwhare but its expencive if you wasnt to get it by other means then email me borischris@ymail.com

Answer by omg_ct

Download combined community codec pack, and to merge them 2gether 2 make a super movie (evil laugh in background) just paste them both in windows movie maker (assuming you hav windows)

Answer by kirthi4u

download klmcodec pack you can view any format there

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How to download movies?

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