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Hotmail How does it work?

Real question merely by Cute Stuff: How does Hotmail work?

Hi yes. I was just curious; how does it work. More specifically, what is used, I am not very computer savvy so would the words “server” or “interface” maybe have something to do with the process? like, i have a lot of pictures saved in my email account because i do not have enough room on my hard drive. how/where are my pictures saved out in cyber space? is there a possibility that they’re system could shut down and everyone’s (including my picture files) be erased and gone forever? i googled this but didn’t come up with much. any knoledge would be appreciated. world work system store something shut servers receive people Microsoft messages mail know hotmail hard files email down create computers computer backup account Hotmail How does it work? techkowns blogspot com thank you.

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Answer by physicsdude2014

they store all their information (including pictures) on servers and backup servers…so while it is possible that all those pictures can be lost…it is very very unlikely because of the way that they back up all their files

Answer by NJ

Microsoft and any other corporations have a lot of people depending on them, so they have many backups so that if one server is having difficulties, they will shut it down to diagnose the problem(s) and turn on one of the other ones.

Answer by Mitchell

I congratulate you on recognizing your weaknesses and wanting to expand your knowledge, it is a sign of intelligence. Something I haven’t seen much of here.

The internet is actually just millions (or billions) of computers sending and receiving files with each other.

There is no one “Master” computer (referred to as server, as you are the client who is requesting) for hotmail. There are dozens or hundreds of different servers which handle your requests and store your information in a secure database.

So the chances of losing everything is near to nil.

Answer by William V

Hotmail and other email systems are based on a program called Microsoft Exchange or similar email management systems. These systems are indeed managed on servers (a lot of them) on the Microsoft campus here in Redmond and in remote sites all over the world. Servers are heavy duty computers with enough memory and disk space to store the email messages. The mail (and the pictures) you send, receive and send are indeed stored on hard drives that can (and do) fail. However, Microsoft (and other email providers) regularly backup these drives to other drives or tape (or other media) that can be easily replaced. Actually, some disk systems (called “RAID arrays”) can automatically repair damaged files and have their hard drives replaced without bringing down the computer. This means that even if something terrible happens the mail is (generally safe).

Sure, if there is something you think is critically important, you should make your own backup and keep it “offsite” where it can’t be damaged if something terrible happens to your system or home (or office). Use your CD/DVD burner to make these backups…


Answer by one two

HotMail is a Email service by MicroSoft. You use it to Email people that means using the Web to connect with other people by sending messages on their computer much like sending mail to your friend’s house. You create a hot mail account by following the instructions it will give you. Once you create an account you get the Email addresses of your friends and you can mail them by computer anywhere in the world and at anytime and they will receive the message usually instantly. Hot mail is Free. But personally I prefer Yahoo or Google.

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Hotmail How does it work?

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